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Change Mobile Number In Aadhar Card: The method of refreshing mobile numbers with an Aadhar card has become much less tedious due to new highlights on the web-based gateway of UIDAI. People will now be able to interface mobile numbers with Aadhaar cards online to help them update the Entry Route (SSUP) without any problem. Here we will discuss how to change the mobile number on the Aadhar card?

यूआईडीएआई के वेब-आधारित गेटवे पर नई हाइलाइट्स के कारण आधार कार्ड के साथ मोबाइल नंबरों को रीफ्रेश करने का तरीका बहुत कम थकाऊ हो गया है। लोग अब बिना किसी समस्या के प्रवेश मार्ग (एसएसयूपी) को अपडेट करने में मदद के लिए मोबाइल नंबरों को आधार कार्ड के साथ ऑनलाइन इंटरफेस करने में सक्षम होंगे। यहां हम चर्चा करेंगे कि आधार कार्ड पर मोबाइल नंबर कैसे बदलें?

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Why is there a need to update the mobile number in Aadhaar?

There are several important reasons why you should want to refresh or add your portable number and they can record momentarily as below:

  • The personal tax department has started a one-step linking of your Aadhaar number with your PAN. You can connect the two by visiting the Annual Duty Recording Authority site. In cases where your name in Aadhaar and PAN is syncing perfectly; At that time, there is no need for any OTP. Whatever it may be, on the off chance that; that your name does not match the two records of your Aadhaar and PAN; At that time, you have to check the Aadhaar OTP; Which will come clearly on your listed mobile number entered in your Aadhaar
  • Another phenomenon where mobile is needed is where you don’t need a presenting problem; Your personal government form has been truncated yet requires an e-documented return which will be completely paperless, on the other hand; You have to verify the Aadhar OTP which will send to your listed portable number along with Aadhar
  • Public Authority of India has taken yet another step towards bringing everything under one step; Linking your Aadhaar number with your portable number. All telecommunications specialist organizations must coordinate their telephone numbers; Complete the verification with your Aadhaar and through an e-KYC system
  • Updating your most current portable number with Aadhaar data set will help you complete the all-important e-KYC system
  • With EPFO, PF withdrawal and other PF related administration will turn into a simple task; If your Aadhaar is linked to your PF account, for which you will be expected to give your mobile number again

How to Change Mobile Number in Aadhar Card Online?

One can follow these steps to refresh his/her telephone number with Aadhaar:

  • Go to UIDAI’s web-based entry
  • Enter the Named Telephone Number you want to refresh before entering the required manual human test code
  • After tapping on the ‘Send OTP’ option, you will receive OTP on your phone
  • Submit the OTP and continue to the next step
  • From the ‘Online Aadhaar Service’ menu, select an option that you need to refresh (your phone number for this case)
  • Provide the required data and furnish your telephone number
  • Once you reach the new page, enter the manual human test code
  • After completing the previous advance, you will receive an OTP on your telephone
  • Once you confirm the OTP, click on the ‘Save and Proceed’ option
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Change Mobile Number in Aadhar card online without OTP

To disconnect your new mobile number from Aadhaar, you can follow these steps:

  • Visit the nearest Aadhar Enrollment Centre/Aadhaar Seva Kendra. You can find something similar from the real site of UIDAI.
  • Receive Aadhar Card Mobile Number Update Structure from the workplace and fill in the basic details including your new telephone number.
  • Contact the authority that is responsible for refreshing the details of your Aadhaar and submit the structure to him.
  • After biometric verification, you should pay a clear fee for the help.
  • The head will give you the confirmation slip, which will have the Update Request Number (URN).
  • You can enter the URN on UIDAI’s site to track the status of your updated demand. Then again, you can dial 1947 like this. For example UIDAI’s complimentary number for the same reason.

In the event that you can’t interface Phone numbers to the Aadhaar card on the web, visit the closest Aadhaar Enrolment Center and follow the means referenced previously. Note that assuming you don’t refresh your Phone number with Aadhaar, you can not profit from the wide scope of Aadhaar administrations presented by UIDAI. Such administrations incorporate opening/locking biometrics whenever the timing is ideal, refreshing any Aadaar-related subtleties from your home, documenting annual assessment forms, and then some.

How to Verify Aadhar Card Mobile Number?

Whenever the time is ideal, people can check their phone number linked to their Aadhaar number by following these advances referred to below:

  • Sign in to UIDAI‘s Internet Based Gateway
  • Under the ‘Online Aadhaar Services’ dropdown menu, select the option ‘Check Email/Mobile Number’
  • Enter your Aadhaar Number, Enrolled Mobile Number, Email ID along with the Security Code to receive an OTP on your cell phone
  • Enter OTP before tapping on the ‘Check OTP’ option
  • This confirmation conversation ends once a green tick appears on the screen

How to Change Mobile Number Offline (Without OTP)?

If you don’t have your enrolled cell number or need to add or refresh any other mobile number, you can follow the steps given below:

  • Go to or
  • Snap-on option “Aadhaar Card” service
  • Enter your 12-digit Aadhaar number or UID or VID – a 16-digit Virtual Identification Number or EID-28-digit Enrollment ID
  • You must enter the security code
  • Snap-on the checkbox “If you do not have a named portable number, please check in the container”
  • Enter your unregistered or your alternate mobile number
  • Snap-on “Send OTP”
  • So snap on the checkbox that expresses “Terms and Conditions”. You can tap on the hyperlink to see the details
  • Snap-on the “Submit” key to finish the OTP or TOTP confirmation
  • On the following page, Aadhaar details will appear for you to confirm before requesting resubmission
  • Snap-on the option “Make Installment” and you will be redirected to the payment gateway
  • After installment, a receipt with an advanced mark will be generated and you can download it in PDF design. Similarly, you will also get a service request number through SMS
  • You can track the status with the SRN till the dispatch of your Aadhaar letter at the option “Check Aadhar Card Status”.
  • An SMS containing the AWB number will be sent after the equivalent is sent from the Postal Department of Posts. You can also follow the vehicle status by visiting the authority DOP site.
aadhar card appointment online
Aadhar card appointment online
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Significance of refreshing subtleties in Aadhaar

Aadhaar has become a proper verification tool to verify your personality. It presents you with an assortment of biometric evidence from your fingerprints or iris filter, an inventive and straightforward strategy for character verification. This is an extraordinary way to keep all the basics away in the UIDAI approved focal stockroom. At the time of your Aadhaar Enrollment, therefore, you are expected to provide a valid contact number that has space with you or your email id. These will report in the form of your constant contact details and link with your Aadhar card. Even though a mobile number is not required to be given, for the benefits from online offices and various benefits from Aadhaar, it has been prescribed to refresh your mobile number or incorporate your Aadhaar record.

Thus, refreshing or adding your mobile number is a necessary advance, as all the relevant messages and important announcements regarding your Aadhar card will reach your portable number and help you complete the KYC verification process for you. It is very important for everyone, which is allowed by all. Banks and insurance agencies.

In the following area, we will examine in detail why your mobile number needs to be refreshed. And later, we will take you through the various parts of how to refresh your mobile number in the Aadhaar card online without OTP to add or change your mobile number, or how to refresh your mobile number in the Aadhaar card without OTP.

Update Aadhar Card by visiting the Enrollment Center:

You can refresh the details of their Aadhaar by visiting the Aadhaar Seva Kendra. So here’s the way you can do it without any problems:

  • For example, fill in the Aadhar Correction Form
  • Make sure that you have entered the data which is correct and not the one reference in your Aadhaar.
  • Receive self-confirming duplicates of confirmations that approve your update demand.
  • Present the structure with the records.
  • Therefore you will have to pay a fee of Rs.25 for each such visit to the enrollment center for update or modification.
  • You can get all your details refreshed at the enrollment center including your biometric details, photograph, mobile number, and more.
  • Aadhar card mobile number change or update should be possible in the enrollment community also.
  • Apart from this, you can also visit different banks to refresh your Aadhar card. For example, Axis Bank Aadhaar Update allows you to make changes to your Aadhaar card by visiting the nearest Axis Bank office.

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FAQ On Change Mobile Number In Aadhar Card

Will I be able to refresh my Aadhaar card details on the web?

As per the recent developments, people can simply refresh their location on the Aadhar card on the web. Despite this, they can refresh any remaining details by visiting the nearest Aadhaar Enrollment Centre.

हाल के घटनाक्रमों के अनुसार, लोग वेब पर आधार कार्ड पर अपना स्थान आसानी से ताज़ा कर सकते हैं। इसके बावजूद, वे किसी भी शेष विवरण को निकटतम आधार नामांकन केंद्र पर जाकर ताज़ा कर सकते हैं।

What are the subtleties that can refresh the web?

After the new change, Aadhaar cardholders can simply refresh their address on the web. To refresh any remaining details, so they need to visit the Aadhaar Enrollment Centre.

Which areas will I be able to refresh through the Self Service Update Portal (SSUP)?

Individuals can refresh all the details referred to in their Aadhaar card by visiting any of the Aadhaar Enrollment Centres. So you can refresh the demographic details (name, address, date of birth, gender, mobile number, email) in the form of biometrics (fingerprint, iris, and photograph) in Aadhaar.

Are there any rules for seeking change on the web?

To change your location on the web, you will need to present a checked duplicate of the Address Confirmation. So if your report is not accepted by UIDAI, the update request will reject.

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