How To Add Mobile Number To Aadhar

How To Add Mobile Number To Aadhar, Update, And Change Aadhar Card Details

How To Add Mobile Number To Aadhar:- If you move to a new location or for personal reasons, you can modify your cellphone number. You must go to the Aadhar centre if you wish to modify your mobile number. Aadhaar is a crucial document in India. The Indian government has made it necessary to link specific papers to Aadhaar. You must link your cellphone number to your Aadhar account in order to update any information on your card online. You will need to visit an Aadhaar centre to register the cellphone number if it isn’t already.

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Change Mobile Number in Aadhar card

How To Add Mobile Number To Aadhar

There may be situations where someone misplaces their cell phone or the number stops working for any reason. Additionally, you can update your current cellphone number in UIDAI’s database if you have switched to a new one. Aadhaar is required in order to authenticate different documents and to access a multitude of services. You must register your mobile phone with UIDAI in order to use Aadhaar-related online services. UIDAI will then issue you an OTP for authentication. The mAadhaar application requires that your mobile number be registered with Aadhar in order to utilise it.

You must contact the Aadhar Enrollment Centre if your prior UIDAI-registered mobile number has been deleted or if you wish to change your mobile number in your Aadhar card details. The Unique Identification Authority of India, or UIDAI, issues the Aadhar card. For all Indian citizens, the 12-digit number has become a crucial component of their identification. With its growing significance, Aadhaar has emerged as one of the most sought-after identity credentials. It is a reliable source that serves as a citizen’s proof of address, proof of birthdate, and other documents, making its preservation required for everybody. Users will be able to access some government websites using this feature if the card is connected to their cell number. portals to make use of the offerings. Therefore, it’s advisable to always update Aadhaar with your most recent mobile number.

Mobile Number Update/Correction in Aadhar Card

An indispensable document for proving one’s identity and address is the 12-digit Aadhar card. To be eligible for several government benefits and subsidies, you must also have an Aadhar card. To prevent any delays, your Aadhaar card must be updated. By going to the Aadhaar Enrollment/Update Centre, you can update your Aadhaar Card Address, Name, Date of Birth, Mobile Number, and Email ID both online and offline by following the instructions provided below. Using the official UIDAI website, you can update or modify the demographic information on your Aadhar card online at any time. To make adjustments or modifications online, you must, however, link your cellphone number to your Aadhar card.

Details can be Changed in the Aadhar Card

  • Mobile number
  • Email ID
  • Biometrics Data, etc.
How To Add Mobile Number To Aadhar

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Steps to Change Your Mobile Number in Aadhar Card

  • Go to the closest Enrollment Centre for Aadhaar.
  • Complete the Aadhaar Correction/Update Form.
  • Give the Aadhar Executive the form.
  • Pay the service cost of INR 30.
  • The URN is on an acknowledgement sheet that you receive.
  • When checking the progress of requests for updates, URN becomes helpful.
  • The Aadhaar database updates the mobile number in three months.

Steps to Add/Update Mobile Number in Aadhar Card

  • Go to the closest Enrollment Centre for Aadhaar.
  • Update the Enrollment Form for Aadhaar
  • Fill out the form with your mobile number, then send it to the executive.
  • Check your information with biometrics
  • Providing documentation is not required.
  • There will be a cost of Rs 30 to use this service.
  • Re-registration is not required for individuals who provide their cellphone numbers during the enrollment process.

Important things to keep in mind while Updating/ Correction/ Change Aadhar Card Details

  • The modifications you made should match the accurate and pertinent papers that the person is included with the form, and they should be self-attested.
  • Please provide the essential information in either English or the local language.
  • It’s important to remember to keep the URN secure while making changes to the Aadhar card details since it’s useful for monitoring the card’s status.
  • If your cellphone number isn’t registered, you’ll need to go to the closest Aadhar enrollment location to update your Aadhar card.
  • Verify that all of the information is filled out in capital letters on the rectification form.
  • Fill out all the necessary information, and don’t forget to check every option.
  • Sending the form with only the necessary verification papers is advised.
  • The address on the Aadhar card will receive the updated version of the card.
  • The provided documents’ photocopies ought to be self-attested.

How to add a new mobile number to my Aadhar card?

You must visit the Aadhar Enrollment / Update Centre if you wish to link your mobile number to your Aadhar card as well. All citizens used to have access to an online tool for updating their Aadhaar cards, however, that feature has since been discontinued. Everyone must now update their Aadhaar information by visiting the closest Aadhaar Enrollment / Update Centre to receive any kind of update. This could require ninety days in all. For this, you can use the UIDAI website to locate the closest Aadhaar update centre. Alternatively, you may contact the official number, 1947.

How To Add Mobile Number To Aadhar

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Tell us now how you were able to use the official website to get your closest phone number.
  • To get the address of the closest Aadhaar Enrollment (Update) Centre, you must first go to, the official UIDAI website.
  • This is where you fill out the Aadhar card rectification form.
  • Enter or update any necessary mobile numbers here.
  • Moreover, fill out the form with the requested information and click submit.
  • You will also need to submit your biometrics for verification in addition to this.
  • The officer or employee in question will then provide you with a receipt.
  • This receipt also includes the Update Request Number (URN), which you can use to check the status of your Aadhaar update.
  • Upon completion of this process, you will receive an OTP connected to Aadhaar on the new number.

You won’t need to get a new Aadhaar if you update your cellphone number. That card is the one you’ll use. On the new number, just you will receive the OTP. All of the functions that come with this number itself will begin to benefit you. You can also call UIDAI’s toll-free number 1947 to find out the most recent status of your Aadhaar.


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