How To Register Mobile Number In Aadhar Card Online

How To Register Mobile Number In Aadhar Card Online, Steps to Steps Register

How To Register Mobile Number In Aadhar Card Online:- Through this post, we will provide you with additional Aadhar card information today, including how to add a mobile number to your card. Aadhar card registration allows you to use several online services. You can use your mobile device to access any information with this. Therefore, by reading this post, you will obtain all the information you need to register your cellphone number with your Aadhar card.

You can access several online services, such as amending name, address, birth date, and numerous other details on an Aadhaar card, by registering your mobile number. You can also make use of a variety of financial services, details of which you can access via your mobile device. Aadhar card and cell phone linkage allow you to take advantage of numerous government programs. Here is the detailed procedure for registering your mobile number.

How To Register Mobile Number In Aadhar Card Online

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Steps to Register Your Mobile Number in Aadhar Card

Here are a few easy ways to link your Aadhar card online with your mobile number.

  • Go to the home page of UIDAI’s official website.
  • Click the Get Aadhaar option that appears on the homepage now.
  • Click the Locate an Enrollment Centre option after that.
  • Select whether to use the search box, postal pincode, or state-by-state search to find the centre.
  • You can now view the closest enrollment centre by completing the captcha and submitting it.
  • Fill out the Aadhar rectification form there after visiting the centre.
  • Give Aadhaar your current cellphone number that you wish to register.
  • Submit the form now, and use your biometric to verify the information.
  • You will receive an acknowledgement slip from the executive that has a URN on it.
  • The URN (Update Request Number) allows you to monitor the progress of your online mobile number registration request.
  • You’ll begin receiving OTP and other alerts on your phone as soon as Aadhaar registers your mobile number.
  • To register a new number, you can utilize your existing Aadhaar card; no additional card is required.
  • You can find out the status of your updated application by calling 1947, the toll-free number provided by UIDAI.
  • Each time you register your cellphone number with Aadhaar online, there is a ₹25 cost.

To assist you with updating information, there are three modes. These are the following:

Update Client Standard

  • All biometric and demographic information, including local language, are updateable.
  • Biometric verification is identity authentication.
  • Document verification: a. We will verify any fields that call for supporting documentation.
  • b. The UIDAI-appointed verifier, the Update Centre, or registrars in attendance at enrollment carry out this verification.
  • c. The DDSVP Committee Recommendations will serve as the guidelines for the verification procedure.
  • Completing the form and receiving acknowledgement: a. The operator will complete a form on the update client and submit a biometric signature in response to each update request.
  • b. You may trace your Aadhaar by using the URN number on the acknowledgement receipt you will get.
How To Register Mobile Number In Aadhar Card Online

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Update Client Lite (UCL)

  • Updateable fields include your photo, local language, and any demographic information.
  • Biometric authentication for identity verification.
  • Verification of documents: a. Documents will be verified for the fields that need to be verified.
  • c. A verifier that UIDAI appoints will handle this. Registrars in attendance at the enrollment centre may also accomplish this.
  • c. Every verification will follow the recommendations of the DDSVP Committee.
  • Recognition:
  • a. The operator will complete a form on the update client, and they will sign off on all updates using a biometric.
  • a. Following completion of this, you will get an acknowledgement receipt. You may monitor your Aadhaar by using the URN number on this receipt.

Update Through AUA (Authentication User Agency) Point of Presence

  • Updateable fields include those related to demographics.
  • Biometric authentication for identity verification. UIDAI, however, is also capable of using additional authentication methods. Sending an OTP to your mobile number is one way to do this.
  • Verification of documents: The registrar’s verification will determine whether or not UIDAI accepts the documents.
  • Receipt and Form Completion:
  • a. The registrar’s operator will handle this operation using a device that has a biometric authentication capability (Micro-ATM).
  • b. Depending on the kind of request, the acknowledgement receipt may be a printout or come in the form of an email or SMS. For example, if you request to change your mobile number, you can receive an SMS with the URN.
  • c. Visit the UIDAI website at for additional information about updating details.

Aadhaar correction form

The contents of the Aadhar Correction Form, which you must fill out to register your cellphone number with your Aadhar Card, are visible to you.

  • pre-enrollment identification number
  • Name Age Gender
  • Full address with phone number and email address
  • The parent, mother, guardian, husband, and wife’s Aadhaar data. Details about the kid’s mother, father, and guardian are required if the child is younger than five years old.
  • Specifics of Document Proof (Identity, Address, and Date of Birth Proofs)
  • If necessary, introducer/HUF details
  • The applicant’s thumb impression and signature
How To Register Mobile Number In Aadhar Card Online

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Summary -:

Open the official website before registering a cellphone number for an Aadhar card. Choose “Book An Appointment” after that. Choose your city after that. Proceed to Book Appointment is the next option you should select. Put your mobile number in now. Choose “Generate OTP” after that. Now input the phone number that links to you and hit submit. Next, make the Rs. 50 fee payment. Go to the public service centre after that to get your thumb verified. You can use this to link your cellphone number to your Aadhar card.

With this post, we have provided you with all the necessary details to enable you to quickly link your cellphone number to your Aadhar card. You can use this to access a variety of online resources. You can use this to update the Aadhar card in many other ways. We hope you have a clear understanding of all we have provided in this article regarding attaching a cell number to an Aadhar card. You can obtain more information about Aadhaar connected to this on this page. Please share this article after reading it; I’d appreciate it.


Q. What should I do if I misplace the phone number associated with my Aadhaar?

Ans- To link the new number to the Aadhaar, you must go to the Aadhaar update centre.

Q. Is it required to have a registered mobile number with Aadhaar to seek updates?

Ans- It is required that the cellphone number be registered with Aadhaar if you plan to make any adjustments using the SSUP portal.

Q. Is there an online way to register a mobile number?

Ans- No, tying a cellphone number to an Aadhaar online is not feasible. To finish the procedure, you will require a Permanent Enrollment Centre.

Q. Do I need to provide any paperwork to finish the registration process?

Ans- The registration process won’t require the submission of any more paperwork.

Q. If I update my mobile number, would the Aadhaar number also change?

Ans- No, updating the cellphone number won’t affect the Aadhaar number.


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