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The Government of India presented an imaginative thought of the Aadhaar Card to give every Indian resident an exceptional recognizable proof number through which any individual can be related to no difficulty. Aadhaar additionally happens to extraordinary use in a few monetary exchanges to demonstrate the legitimacy of the Aadhaar holder. Likewise, with Aadhaar, you can get a few advantages and this report comes as an essential record. In this way, throughout the timeframe Aadhaar card turned into a significant record; that gives an individual a coordinated putting away office of your biometric and individual subtleties. Allow us to see momentarily what is a Resident Uidai Update.


What is an Aadhaar Card?

Aadhaar Card is an unmistakable 12-digits number gave to Indian residents by the Unique Identification Authority of India or UIDAI; because of their biometric measurements and segment information. It worth referencing here that in India, unexpectedly, a character report is additionally given to youngsters and babies.

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Scope of Aadhaar

The sole reason for Aadhaar Card is to utilize equivalent to a proof of character; in any case, it has a few different utilizations in different parts of our day-by-day lives and is viewed as a critical report. You can utilize the Aadhaar card as character evidence for getting a visa or for opening another financial balance and so forth The significance of Aadhaar card is developing step by step, and consequently it is fundamental to have your subtleties refreshed or rectified constantly so you don’t pass up any significant correspondence for your Aadhaar card.

Need or Importance for an update in Aadhar subtleties

After you select yourself for acquiring an Aadhaar Card and after you get the equivalent, you should check all the subtleties if they are caught accurately. Additionally, on the off chance that you are changing your home, or moving to a better place; you need to change your location in the Aadhaar card since the location is a vital part of your segment subtleties to demonstrate your home. UIDAI has given the office to do every one of these exercises on the web and you can visit their authority website – Aadhaar Self Service Update Portal SSUP for you to do the needful.

A significant highlight note here is that rectifications or updates permitted in your Aadhaar card information under two gatherings which are your socioeconomics and biometrics subtleties. Socioeconomics implies you will have the option to change your name, date of birth, email, address, cell number, and sex, though Biometrics changes involve iris sweep, fingerprints, and photos. Highlight note here is you can make changes in the location on the web or disconnected; however for changes in some other information or data; you need to visit the closest lasting enrolment community.

Here we will discuss the different parts of the Aadhar card address update in detail for a superior arrangement.

Methods for Aadhar card address Update:

There are different strategies by which you can have your Aadhaar card address change or Aadhar card address update. They are referenced as underneath:

Through an Enrolment Center:

You can essentially visit any closest Enrolment Center and get your Aadhaar card address change or Aadhaar address update done by topping off the update/adjustment structure with fundamental supporting records.

By Online technique:

UIDAI has given an online interface to you for doing an Aadhar card address update through the SSUP entry as referenced previously. This cycle takes a lot lesser time as it’s basic and simple to follow when contrasted with other disconnected strategies for the Aadhaar card address change. In any case, a vital point for you to note here is that the cycle of online Aadhaar update or alteration will require your versatile number enlisted with your Aadhar and you would likewise have to confirm the equivalent for security purposes. An online Aadhar card address update would require an OTP confirmation technique which will be shipped off your enrolled portable number as it were.

By Post:

You can download the structure from the UIDAI site,, top off the shape and ship off UIDAI address with vital verification of your location.

Through an AUA – Authentication User Agency Center:

This implies it will be utilized by chosen Registrar who might likewise become AUA’s. UIDAI may give an application to any sort of update. The Registrars who are picked for such updates will be recognized as those Registrars who are known to accumulate, make, own, or potentially deal with a specific segment field and will be a caretaker of such data or information.

Through ASK – Aadhaar Seva Kendra

You may visit any closest Aadhaar Seva Kendra for the below-referenced administrations:

  • Enrolment for Aadhaar
  • Update of any Demographic Information in your Aadhaar – Name, Aadhaar card address change or Aadhaar address update, Gender, Date of Birth, Mobile number or Email Id
  • Update of any Biometric information in your Aadhaar – Photo, Fingerprints and Iris Scans
  • Mandatory Biometric update of kids who are arriving at 5 and 15 years old Download and Print Aadhaar

Steps required to do Aadhaar card address change under every technique as referenced previously

Since we have perceived the different ways by which we can feel free to do an Aadhaar card address change or Aadhaar address update; let us see the means associated with every one of the above strategies so you know about the equivalent.

1.Aadhaar card address change through an Enrolment Center:

You can follow the underneath steps when you are visiting the enrolment community. It is proposed that you should book an arrangement before your visit to save your time and complete the cycle of the Aadhaar card address change easily. Else you can likewise find the closest enrolment community under the “Get Aadhaar” choice and visit the middle.

  • Visit the authority site of UIDAI select on “Book Appointment” beneath “Get Aadhaar” under “My Aadhaar” in the landing page
  • Select your “City/Location”
  • Fill in your versatile number and complete the manual human test check measure.
  • Click on “Oversee Appointment” tab, and you will see another screen and afterwards click on “Update Aadhaar”
  • You will be taken to another page wherein you need to fill in the pertinent subtleties, and afterwards; continue to fill data under every tab and pick a time allotment and book an arrangement.
  • Ensure to take the significant reports with you as your location evidence and visit the enrolment place where you will be given an affirmation receipt containing a URN number-Update Request Number with which you can follow your solicitation for Aadhaar card address change.

2.Aadhaar card address change by Online technique:

You may follow the underneath referenced advances when you are utilizing the SSUP entrance to do the Aadhaar card address change online with and even with no confirmation of address reports. So allow us to consider one to be one as below:

Aadhaar card address change With Valid Documents
  • Visit the authority site of UIDAI select on “Update your location on the web” underneath “Update your Aadhaar” under “My Aadhaar” in the landing page
  • You will consider a to be as demonstrated beneath where you need to tap on “Continue to refresh Address”
  • So you need to enter your Aadhaar number or your VID-Virtual Id number and complete the manual human test confirmation measure
  • You need to enter your Aadhaar number or your VID-Virtual Id number and complete the manual human test confirmation cycle and solicitation for an OTP. After accepting the OTP in your enrolled cell number, fill in the equivalent and snap on the “Login” button
  • You would have to refresh or change your location subtleties
  • After the above advance, you need to connect the shaded output of your location evidence according to the legitimate rundown of records. Survey the data or information that you have entered for its precision and completion in English with the neighbourhood language also. UIDAI won’t do any revisions to the information or data in your solicitation
  • Submit your solicitation for Aadhaar card address change. So note your Update Request Number (URN) for you to follow the solicitation. You may likewise download or print the duplicate of your affirmation
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3.Aadhaar card address change by Post:

You can send a solicitation for Aadhaar card address change using post additionally to the UIDAI by following the beneath steps:

  • Visit the authority site of UIDAI and download “Aadhaar card information update/rectification structure”
  • Fill in the important subtleties in the structure and take a print out
  • Seal and send the structure alongside the fundamental reports or confirmation to the postal location as referenced under:

UIDAI Post Box No. 10,


Madhya Pradesh – 480001, India

4.Aadhaar card address change by ASK (Aadhar Seva Kendra)

Visit any of the closest ASK (Aadhar Seva Kendra) focuses with the filled update/revision structure accurately and with the pertinent location evidence report and present your solicitation for Aadhaar card address change or Aadhaar address update.

List of substantial records Aadhar card address change or Aadhar address update on the web:

To do a change or update your location in your Aadhaar card on the web, you will require the essential and most significant archive is your Aadhaar card. You would likewise require a carefully checked duplicate of the significant archives that you need to outfit as your location verification. What’s more, for you to do so; you will need to give Proof of Address or POA documents which are mentioned on the UIDAI website-

FAQs on Resident Uidai:

What precisely is an Address Validation Letter?

Address Validation Letter is a letter that typically ships off the location of the Address Verifier. The letter comprises a mystery code and is sent for verification after the Address Verifier gave their agreement to utilize their location by the occupant who is mentioning for the equivalent. After the solicitation has submitted effectively; so you as an inhabitant or the requestor would get the Aadhaar Validation Letter within 30 days from the date of setting the solicitation.

My kid’s location should refresh in her Aadhar card. Will it be conceivable?

Indeed, it is conceivable. On the off chance that you need to refresh the location for your kid; the individual parent so whose Aadhaar connected to your kid would have to visit any closest enrolment community with the kid.

Is there an opportunity that my application might dismiss?

Truly, your application might dismiss on the off chance that there have irregularities or inaccuracy in the date or the data given by you; or if the important records given by you don’t confirm the change.

What is an ideal opportunity to refresh the location on my Aadhar card?

The whole cycle of refreshing the location in your Aadhaar card as a rule requires as long as 90 days.

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What condition should be met to demand my Aadhaar card address change on the web?

For you to change your location on the web; you would have to give a shaded examined duplicate of the location verification. On the off chance that the UIDAI doesn’t concede your archive; so your update solicitation will be dropped.

I need to change the mobile number enrolled with Aadhaar. Should it be possible on the web?

Your mobile number can’t refresh on the web, and so you should visit the Permanent Enrolment Center.

What amount of time will it require for my Aadhaar update to occur?

It might require as long as 90 days for the information to refresh; on your Aadhaar post the arrangement of solicitation.

Do I need to pay any charge for refreshing data on my Aadhaar card?

You should pay the greatest charge of Rs.50 (comprehensive of duties) each time you update your subtleties on Aadhaar. So nitty-gritty charges can found on the UIDAI site Download PDF here.

How might I change my Adhar card address?

  • Snap-on ‘Continue to Update Address’ connection.
  • Login with Aadhaar.
  • The select alternative to ‘Update Address through Secret Code’
  • So enter Secret Code.
  • Audit the new address and submit.
  • So note your Update Request Number (URN) appeared on the screen.

What are the records needed for update of address in Aadhar card?

The records needed for address change incorporate identification, bank explanation/passbook; the proclamation of Post Office account/passbook, apportion card, citizen id, driving permit; water bill, and phone landline bill, among others, as indicated by the UIDAI site.

Will I get new Aadhar card after a refreshing location?

An Aadhaar letter with updates will convey at the given location just if there should be an occurrence of Updation in Name, Address, Date of Birth, and Gender. For Update of Mobile number/Email ID, so the warning will send on the given mobile number/email ID. It requires as long as 90 days for updation in Aadhaar after the solicitation.

What amount of time it will require for Aadhar address update?

Refreshing your location on Aadhaar online is free. Nonetheless, at whatever point you get your subtleties rectified or refreshed at an enrolment community; you need to pay an expense of Rs 25 each time. According to the UIDAI site, so the turnaround time for refreshing is 90 days. Your update solicitation will check by a UIDAI delegate.

How frequently we can change the location in Aadhar card?

You would now be able to refresh your name on the Aadhaar card just twice; This and other new limitations by UIDAI. The times of refreshing your subtleties on the Aadhaar card are over as the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI); has reexamined the standards concerning refresh or change of name, sexual orientation, and date of birth.

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