Link Aadhar To Mobile Number Online

Link Aadhar To Mobile Number Online, Offline And Benefits of Adding

Link Aadhar To Mobile Number Online:- The user can effortlessly carry out Aadhaar-based actions by connecting an Aadhar card to a cellphone number. A user can also receive Aadhaar-related information and OTPs to submit straight on their registered mobile number by connecting their Aadhaar to their phone number. We’ll walk you through the easy process of linking an Aadhar number to a mobile number both online and offline in this blog post.


How to Link an Aadhaar Card with a Mobile Number Online?

The websites of the telecom provider and the Indian Postal Service are the two places where one can link Aadhaar to a mobile number online.

Link Aadhar To Mobile Number Online

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On Telecom Provider’s Website:

  • Check out the official website of the telecom company.
  • If you want to link, verify, or re-verify, enter your Aadhaar phone number.
  • The registered mobile phone number will receive an OTP.
  • Click “Submit” to proceed after entering your OTP.
  • After that, the associated 12-digit Aadhaar number needed to be input.
  • After that, a message for OTP creation would be sent by the telecom operator.
  • You must now complete your KYC information, provide an OTP, and agree to all terms and conditions.
  • After everything is finished, a confirmation message about re-verifying phone numbers and Aadhaar will be delivered.

On Indian Postal Service Website 

  • Please visit the internet site of the Indian postal provider.
  • Enter your name, deal with, telephone number, e-mail address, and other contact details.
  • The drop-down selection for the service says “ppb-aadhaar carrier.” select it.
  • Pick out aadhaar linking/updating via uidai-mobile/electronic mail.
  • Click “request otp” once you have decided on all the options and completed the precise fields.
  • On the following display screen, input the otp that you obtained for your cellphone.
  • Pick out “confirm service request.” an application popularity tracker, called a reference quantity, might be furnished to you.
  • Your local post office gets the request after it has been correctly submitted.
  • An officer in fee of updating and linking aadhar will perform the verification procedure.
  • When the police visit your home, they will utilize a mobile biometric device (for iris, fingerprints, and photos) to confirm your identity.
  • After completing the update/linking procedure, he or she will bill you for the service.

How to Link Aadhaar with Mobile Number Offline?

Link Aadhaar with Mobile Number by SMS using OTP

Follow the instructions below to re-verify your cellphone number with Aadhaar by going in person to a business and sharing the OTP. It’s crucial to remember that these instructions are only for people who already have a mobile number registered.

  • Visit the telecom operator’s closest store.
  • Ensure that a copy of your Aadhar card is self-attested.
  • Provide the store executive with your telephone number and valid Aadhaar card details.
  • A 4-digit OTP will be generated using the re-verification application and emailed to your mobile number.
  • Give your biometrics and the OTP to the store executive.
  • After 24 hours, you will get an SMS with confirmation. Answer “Y” to finish the e-KYC procedure.
Link Aadhar To Mobile Number Online

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Link Mobile Number with Aadhar Card Using IVR

For both pre-paid and post-paid users, the Indian government has launched an interactive voice response (IVR) service that allows telecom subscribers to link their Aadhaar to their SIM card using a single number.

  • From your mobile device, dial 14546, the toll-free number.
  • To confirm if you are an NRI or a resident of India, select the relevant option.
  • When asked, provide your 12-digit Aadhaar number.
  • To verify the Aadhaar number you entered, press 1.
  • To receive an OTP, enter the mobile number linked to your Aadhaar.
  • Accept the telecom operator’s request to access your name, photo, and date of birth from the UIDAI database.
  • Type in the one-time password (OTP) that you got on your phone.
  • To finish the re-verification process, press 1.

How to Link a Mobile Number to an Aadhaar Card by Visiting the Aadhaar Enrolment Center or Seva Kendra?

By going to the closest Aadhaar Enrollment/Update centre, you can link your Aadhaar card to your cellphone number. To register or change your mobile number on your Aadhaar card, follow these steps:

  • To locate the closest Aadhaar enrollment/update centre, go to the UIDAI website.
  • To register your cellphone number with your Aadhaar card if you’re new to the UIDAI ecosystem, submit it in the Aadhaar Enrolment Form. As an alternative, you can complete the Aadhaar Correction Form if you have previously registered your cellphone number or have changed it.
  • Complete the form, supply your biometrics for verification, and make the payment.
  • A receipt slip will be given to you by the executive.
  • The slip has an Update Request Number (URN) on it that you can use to monitor the status of your Aadhaar or Aadhaar update.
  • By calling the UIDAI toll-free number 1947, you may also find out the status of your Aadhaar.
  • After modifying your Aadhaar mobile number, you don’t need to get a new card.
  • You will start receiving Aadhaar OTPs for a range of services after your mobile number has been connected to your Aadhaar account.

Steps to Link Aadhaar with SIM for New Users in India

For new users in India, here are the steps to integrate Aadhaar with SIM:

  • Visit the store of the mobile provider.
  • Get a replacement SIM card.
  • Show a copy of your Aadhar as identification and address verification.
  • To confirm your Aadhar, use the Biometric Scanner to scan your fingerprint.
  • You’ll receive the replacement SIM card after waiting for the verification process to finish.
  • It will take around one hour for the SIM card to become active.

Documents Required to Link Aadhaar with Mobile Number

To connect your Aadhar card to a mobile device, all you need is a self-attested copy of your card.

Free to Link Aadhaar with Mobile Number

When registering for Aadhaar, you can link your cellphone number to your Aadhaar card without paying any costs. You will need to pay Rs. 50 (including GST) if you wish to link, modify, or update your Aadhaar-registered mobile number, though. Reminder: There is no extra charge if you alter more than one field in the same instance.

Benefits of Adding Aadhaar with Mobile Number

A few advantages of linking a mobile number to an Aadhaar are as follows:

  • To access any of the services connected to Aadhaar, you need to link your mobile number to your Aadhaar card.
  • You cannot access the online Self Service Update Portal (SSUP) for updates unless your mobile phone is connected to your Aadhar card.
  • To use all online services associated with Aadhaar, you must also link your cellphone number to your Aadhaar card.
  • When using different Aadhaar services, you’ll receive OTPs on your registered mobile number. You may further secure your Aadhaar using these OTPs.
  • If you haven’t connected your phone number to Aadhaar, you won’t be able to utilize these services.
  • You can use the mAadhaar app to access different Aadhaar services by keeping your Aadhaar card on your phone.
  • The OTP that was issued to your registered mobile number is required to download your e-Aadhaar or online Aadhaar card.
Link Aadhar To Mobile Number Online

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Why should I register my mobile number with an Aadhaar Card?

You may strengthen the security of Aadhaar-based services by linking your cellphone number to your Aadhaar card. In this manner, your registered cellphone number will receive an OTP each time you use any of these services. You won’t be able to use several Aadhaar-enabled services if you don’t connect your cellphone number to your Aadhaar card.


Q. Is it possible to link multiple mobile numbers to an Aadhar card?

Ans- You can only register or link your Aadhaar card to one cellphone number.

Q. Can I connect my phone number to the Aadhaar cards of my family members?

Ans-One cellphone number can be associated with many Aadhaar cards.

Q. Must I go back to the same enrollment location where I first signed up for updates?

Ans-No, any Aadhaar Seva Kendra will allow you to change your Aadhaar details.

Q. Can we use the internet to link our Aadhaar numbers to our mobile numbers?

Ans-Yes, you can use the Indian Postal Service website to link your Aadhaar card and cell number online.


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