How to Update Aadhar Card

How to Update Aadhar Card, Correction Name, DOB, Mobile Number, Address

UIDAI has made it less hard for people to get their Aadhar card invigorated or helped both on the web and separated. Here are referred to brief patterns of Online Aadhar card updates or corrections through which people can without a doubt get their e-Aadhaar card nuances invigorated and revised. Follow the given steps underneath to Update Online Aadhar Card address, name, date of birth, portable number, and email id on the Aadhar card on the web and detached by visiting the Aadhar Enrolment/Update Center.



To draw in occupants of India with an excellent character and a high-level stage to affirm at whatever point, wherever.

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  • To oblige incredible organization, useful, clear, and zeroed in on the movement of apportionments, benefits, and organizations, the utilization for which is achieved from the Consolidated Fund of India to tenants of India through distributing of outstanding person numbers.
  • To make the technique, strategy, and system for giving Aadhaar numbers to inhabitants of India, who request same by introducing their section information and biometric information by going through the association of enrolment.
  • Consequently make the methodology, strategy, and structures for Aadhaar holders for invigorating and checking their high-level character.
  • Ensure openness, adaptability, and adaptability of the advancement structure.
  • Gather a long viable relationship to convey forward the vision and assessments of the UIDAI.
  • To ensure security and protection of character information and approval records of individuals.
  • To ensure consistency of the Aadhaar Act by all people and associations in letter and soul.
  • Thusly make rules and rules solid with the Aadhaar Act, for finishing the game plans of the Aadhaar Act.

Basic beliefs:

  • We have confidence in empowering extraordinary organization
  • We regard uprightness
  • So we are centered around complete nation building
  • We seek after a synergistic system and worth our accessories
  • We will try towards significance in organizations to tenants and expert centers
  • So we will reliably focus on relentless learning and quality redesigns
  • We are driven by progression and give a phase to our assistants to get to the next level
  • We believe in a clear and open association
How to Update Aadhar card

Update Aadhar Card by Visiting Enrolment Center:

You can get subtleties of their Aadhar revived by visiting the Aadhaar Seva Kendra. This is the way you can do it with no issue:

  • Fill the Aadhaar change structure for instance
  • Guarantee you enter that information that is correct and not the one that is referred to in your Aadhar.
  • Get self-affirmed copies of affirmations supporting your update interest.
  • Present the design close by records.
  • You really want to pay a charge of Rs. 25 for each such visit to the Enrolment Center for update or alteration.
  • You can get all of your nuances including your biometric data, picture, versatile number, etc invigorated at the enrolment community.
  • Aadhar Card portable number change or refresh should moreover be conceivable at the enrolment local area.
  • Furthermore, you can in like manner visit various banks to invigorate your Aadhar card. For example, the Axis Bank Aadhar update grants you to make changes to your Aadhar Card by visiting the nearest Axis bank office.

Note: Whether you update one field or many, charges for the Aadhar Update will be Rs. 100 (if you are furthermore invigorating biometrics) and Rs. 50 (if just economics nuances are being revived).

Directions to Update Aadhar Card Details Online:

When in doubt, an individual can change address, his/her name, date of birth, sexual direction, compact number, and email id on the Aadaar card. To change the nuances of your Aadhaar card on the web, follow these means to revive/change/correct:

  • Visit the Aadhaar Self Service Update Portal and snap on “Update your Address Online”
  • In case you have significant area affirmation, click on “Keep on refreshing Address”
  • In the new window, enter your 12-digit Aadhar number and snap on “Send OTP” or “Enter a TOTP”
  • An OTP will be sent off the compact number signed up for UIDAI’s database.
  • Enter this OTP to login into your Aadhar account. Then again, you can use the TOTP feature to affirm.
  • Select either the “Update Address by Address Proof” decision or the “Update Address vis Secret Code” elective
  • Enter your private area referred to in the Proof of Address (PoA) and snap on the “Audit” button
  • In the event that you really want to change your area, click the “Change” decision else tick the declaration and snap on the “Submit” button
  • Select the record type you really want to submit as PoA for affirmation and move the analyzed copy of the area confirmation and snap on the “Submit” button
  • Your Aadhar update request will recognized and a 14-digit URN will made
  • You can use the Update Request Number (URN) to check the situation with the Aadhar address update. Once invigorated, you can download the revived structure and get your Aadhar card printed out.

Bit by bit guidelines to Update Address in Aadhaar without Document Proof:

If you don’t have real record proof, you can revive your current private area in your Aadhaar Card with the help of consent and check of the area verifier ( which can be your family member, sidekick, landowner, etc) who licenses you to use his/her area as affirmation.

To revive your area in Aadhaar without chronicle you can request an ‘Address Validation Letter. Prior to proceeding for referencing the Address Validation Letter, you ought to recollect the going with things:

Your area will support you by sending your endorsement letter which will contain a secret code on the area verifier’s area. Both the occupant and the area verifier should revive their compact numbers with their Aadhaar.

In light of any clarification, assuming that the area verifier forgets to give consent inside the set deadline, the sales will be considered invalid and should begin the methodology of requesting before long.

  • Visit Aadhaar Self Service Update Portal i.e
  • Click on Update Aadhaar and select ‘Sales for Address Validation Letter.
  • Presently enter your Aadhaar number and Captcha Verification code from the given box.
  • Presently, click on ‘Send OTP or Enter TOTP’ which will send off the enlisted convenient number.
  • Notwithstanding, the cycle nuances for invigorating the area through Validation Letter.

What Details can be Changed in the Aadhar Card Online?

As indicated by the latest developments, you can simply get your area changed in your Aadhaar card Using the web-based SSUP passage Assuming you want to invigorate the going with nuances, you really want to visit an Aadhaar Enrolment Center:

  • Name of the Applicant
  • Date of Birth
  • Telephone number
  • Email ID
  • Sex
  • Address

The best technique to Update Address in Aadhaar Card:

A competitor can change address, name, date of birth, sex, convenient number, and email ID on an Aadhaar Card. To invigorate/change/right your area on your Aadhaar Card, you ought to follow the under advances:

  • Visit Aadhaar Self Service Update Portal i.e
  • Assuming you have a real area confirmation, click on ‘Keep on refreshing Address’.Visit the Aadhaar Self Service Update Portal on UIDAI’s site.
  • On the off chance that you don’t have a genuine area confirmation click on “Sales for Address Validation Letter”
  • In the new window (, enter your 12-digit Aadhaar number or 16-digit number Virtual ID.
  • Enter the Captcha Verification code from the given box.
  • Presently, click on ‘Send OTP’, which will deliver off your selected portable number.
  • Then again, you can use the TOTP feature to approve
  • Click on the ‘Login’ button.
  • Presently, click on ‘Update Address through Address Proof’ or ‘Update Address Via Secret Code’.
  • Presently, move your special concealed sifted copies of POA records.
  • See the entered data both in English and close by language moreover.
  • Presently present the requesting. You should observe your Update Request Number (URN) for following the situation with your Aadhaar Update. 2019, Live Location Tracker, BBC Full Form, Mobile Locator, Free Career Guide, Online Typing Test,, My Individual Business.

Bit by bit directions to Update/Change Name in Aadhaar:

In case you really want to change or revive your name in Aadhaar, you ought to follow underneath referred to propels:

  • Visit the Aadhaar Enrolment/Update Center.
  • Fill out the Aadhaar Update Form
  • Enter your current convenient number in the construction
  • Your request will enrol by the pioneer at the Aadhaar Enrolment/Update center.
  • Presently, you will get an assertion slip containing the URN.
  • You should pay a charge of Rs. 50 for helping this organization.

The best technique to Update/Change Your Mobile Number in Aadhaar:

There are events where people used the convenient number that enrolled with UIDAI. Aadhar Card versatile number change or refresh should be conceivable by following the under referred to progress:

  • Visit the Aadhaar Enrolment/Update Center
  • Fill out the Aadhaar Update Form
  • Therefore enter only your current versatile number in the construction
  • You want not to notice your previous mobile number
  • You don’t have to give any affirmation to invigorating your versatile number
  • Therefore pioneer will enlist your sales
  • You will give over the confirmation slip containing the URN
  • A charge of Rs. 50 should pay for benefits for this organization.

Bit by bit directions to Update the DoB in Aadhar Card Online:

To invigorate your date of birth referred to in your Aadhaar, you really want to follow these methods:

  • Visit a nearby Aadhaar Enrolment Center
  • Fill the Aadhaar update structure referring to your date of birth
  • Present the affirmation of the date of birth close to the design
  • You really want to give your biometrics to approve your personality
  • You will presently get an insistence slip containing a URN
  • Therefore URN can use to check the Aadhar update status on the web
  • You really want to pay a cost of Rs.50 to the pioneer
  • Your DoB will revive in Aadhaar within 90 days

Critical things to know, when Update an Aadhar Card Online:

  • The movements that you enter should correct and legitimate records that an individual is adding with the construction should insist and self-approved.
  • Therefore your important nuances should fill in English or the close by language.
  • While correcting the Aadhar card nuances, it ought to guarantee that the URN stays cautious as it helps with following the situation with Aadhar Card.
  • On the off chance that your versatile number does not enlisted, by then, you should visit the nearest Aadhaar Enrolment to make corrections to your Aadhaar card.
  • Guarantee that every one of the nuances entered in the correction structure filled in capital letters.
  • Therefore every one of the fundamental information should fill and no option should keep unattended.
  • Simply those reports that required as affirmation should send close by the construction.
  • Therefore cured Aadhar card will transport off the area referred to in the Aadhaar card.
  • Therefore duplicate of the chronicles sent should act normally approved.

Why do the sales for Aadhar Card Update Online get excused?

The requesting for Aadhar Card update/change Online gets excused a portion of the time, as UIDAI follows unequivocal plans to look at the nuances prior to moving any enhancements in the Aadhar nuances. Exactly when these standards are fulfilled, UIDAI invigorates the nuances of its structure. The going with conditions should fulfil before changes are made in the Aadhaar nuances:

  • Acceptable files should be sent close by the design for affirmation. Without such documents, invigorating or changing requesting would not deal with.
  • All records sent off UIDAI should act normally validated.
  • So if the nuances referred to in the construction don’t facilitate with the file annexed for the check, nuances of Aadhar won’t refresh.
  • Aadhar card update Online may moreover excuse in case you don’t submit adequate reports close by the construction.
  • On the off chance that the revision requesting of nuances in the Aadhaar card excused due to some clarification, you can send one more sale by making appropriate corrections in the construction and submitting fitting self-demonstrated the veracity of files.
How to Update Aadhar card

FAQs on How to Update Aadhar Card:

Q. Could I have the option to revive my Aadhar card nuances on the web?

A. As indicated by the latest new developments, people can invigorate only their area in the Aadhaar card on the web. Regardless, they can revive any leftover nuances by visiting the nearest Aadhaar Enrolment Center.

Q. What are the nuances which can revive on the web?

A. After the new modification, Aadhaar cardholders can revive only their Address on the web. For invigorating any excess nuances, they need to visit Aadhaar Enrolment Center.

Q. What Fields could I have the option to revive through Self Service Update Portal (SSUP)?

A. People can revive all nuances referred to in their Aadhar card by visiting one of the Aadhaar Enrolment Centers. You can invigorate Demographic nuances (Name, Address, DoB, Gender, Mobile Number, Email) similarly to Biometrics (Finger Prints, Iris, and Photograph) in Aadhaar.

Q. Are there any standards to satisfy to need for changes on the web?

A. To change your area on the web, you want to introduce the real look at a copy of the affirmation of address. In case your report didn’t recognize by UIDAI, the update requesting will excuse it.

Q. Could one have the option to use an Aadhaar card as a proof for Home Loan, Mastercard, and individual credit application?

A. Genuinely, the Aadhaar card goes probably as an authentic character and private check. So in this manner, one can use it for Home development, Visa, and individual development applications.

Q. Could it be prudent for me to introduce my updated interest in a close-by language as well?

A. You can introduce the updated interest in any language you feel extraordinary with. The language isn’t an issue while invigorating the nuances in Aadhar.

Q. What happens on the off chance that my mobile number does not enlist with Aadhaar subject matter experts?

A. On the off chance that your versatile didn’t enlist with UIDAI, you will not have the choice to help any of the web-based workplaces related to Aadhaar. So you can get your mobile number associated with Aadhaar by visiting the Aadhar Enrolment Center.

Q. My versatile number does not enlist with my Aadhaar card. In any case, how should I right my Aadhar card nuances on the web?

A.You can pick the option of checking using OTP through an unregistered convenient number. Regardless, this office is available on the web in case you have not enrolled your versatile number with Aadhaar at this point.

Q. Do I have to give any chronicles to invigorate/change my convenient nuances?

A. You don’t have to give any reports to invigorate/change your compact number. Essentially fill out the Aadhar Enrolment/Correction Form and submit it close by the updation charge of Rs 25.

Q. Is it possible to request a change in information through disengaged modes?

A. Simply private area can revive online similarly as separated through the post. In any case, you can invigorate all your biometric and section nuances by visiting a nearby Aadhaar Enrolment Center.

Q. Could I have the option to revive information about my youth/ward?

A. One of the watchmen needs to determine their Aadhaar nuances for the young person. In the event that changes do in their cards, they need to get it to invigorate in their adolescent’s Aadhar too.

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Q. My child’s area ought to invigorate in his/her Aadhaar card. Would it be a good idea for it to be conceivable?

A. You can get your Aadhar revived with the new location and outfit your Aadhaar card as the proof of address for an invigorating area in your adolescent’s Aadhaar.

Q. Do I have to give my old information while referencing for change/cure/adjustment of information?

A. You don’t have to give any of the past data. You want to allude to only the new data that should be invigorating in your Aadhaar. Moreover, give confirmation to the suggested update.

Q. Will, I will outfit with an invigorated Aadhaar letter once the nuances are amended?

A. You can download the invigorated e-Aadhaar from UIDAI’s website. Moreover, you can animate your Aadhaar nuances in the mAadhaar application once the data in your Aadhar revive.

Q. I have changed my email ID and have to revive the identical in my Aadhaar. How might I do this?

A. You want to visit one of the Aadhaar Enrolment Centers and fill the Aadhaar Enrolment/Correction Form referring to the new email id. So a cost of Rs 25 charges from the possibility for reviving the Aadhaar nuances.

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