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Bit by bit guidelines to Check Aadhaar Status After Update Request Submitted:

Changes, updates, and corrections can make to your Aadhaar data under two orders: Demographics and Biometrics. Economics fuses name, address, date of birth, sex, adaptable number, and email, while Biometrics joins fingerprints, iris clear, and photographs. Check Aadhar Card with address, name, date of birth, and sex can make on the web or by visiting the Aadhaar Seva Kendra. You should visit the Aadhaar Seva Kendra to carry out a few different enhancements.

At the point when you’ve introduced the sales for an update, there are two techniques for checking whether or not those movements have been made in the database. You can either follow the sales online profitably or call the UIDAI correlative number for separated status following.

Online status checks of Aadhaar address updates should be conceivable in 4 ways:

Truly check out Aadhaar Status Online with Your Enrolment ID:

Accepting you have placed a refreshed expectation at an Enrolment Center or Update Center, then, you will require your Enrolment ID (or EID) to follow your Aadhaar card status.

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EID contains 28 digits: the 14-digit enrolment number, and the 14-digit date and time stamp. It arranges at the most elevated place of the update attestation slip you get from the Enrolment or Update Center later you have introduced your sales for change in Aadhaar nuances. It may look something like this:
1234/12345/12345 dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss

Check Aadhar Card

Whenever you notice your updated certification slip and the EID, follow these methods:

  • Go to the
  • Enter the EID and manual human test nuances.
  • On the off chance that your Aadhaar arranged, you will get a status message on the accompanying screen, saying “Your Aadhaar created”. Download or get the Aadhaar on your versatile from this screen itself.
  • On the off chance that your referenced invigorates are not added to the database, you will not get the above message.

Guidelines to Check Aadhaar Status Online If You Do Not Have EID:

Accepting you don’t have your EID, you can cause it to use your enrolled flexible number or selected email id from the “” page. You can in like manner get your Aadhaar number if you have neglected to recollect it/lost the card from a comparable page.

  • Give your total name, convenient number, or email id, and enter the Captcha code.
  • After you input the nuances, click on ‘Send OTP’.
  • You will take to another page where you can put in the OTP and snap-on ‘Login’.
  • You will acknowledge your EID or Aadhaar number on your phone through SMS.
  • Continue to the UIDAI My Aadhaar passage to check the status using the recuperated EID.

As a matter of fact, take a gander at Update Status Online Using Aadhaar Number:

Accepting you have set a refreshed interest online with UIDAI, you can follow it by using your Aadhaar number (or UID number – Unique Identity number).

  • Go to the
  • In the space given there, input the 12-digit number on your UID card.
  • Do the Captcha check.
  • The accompanying screen will show you whether or not the change has been made in the database.

Track Aadhaar Update Status Using URN:

URN addresses Update Request Number, which is a 14-digit number made later you finish the course of a web-based area update. This number will show on the screen once you present the update. You will moreover get an SMS with the URN to your associated compact number. The number will be in this organization:

To check Aadhaar change status using this, do the going with:

  • Enter the URN on the
  • Enter the right Captcha.
  • The accompanying screen will show you whether or not the change you notice finished.

Track Aadhaar Address Validation Letter Status Using SRN:

If you had referenced for an Address Validation Letter, then, you would have gotten a Service Request Number (SRN). The means resemble the one for URN – the fundamental difference is that you’ll incorporate the 10-digit SRN close by the Captcha code on the Aadhaar self-organization door.

The best technique to Check Aadhaar Status is through Phone Call:

You can call UIDAI’s reciprocal number 1947 to truly check out what is going on with your updates accepting you don’t move toward the web.

Exactly when you call 1947, you will take to the IVR. You really want to follow the means given underneath to follow your area change interest:

Stage 1: Choose your inclination toward language.

You want to pick 1 for Hindi, 2 for English, 3 for Kannada, 4 for Malayalam, 5 for Tamil, 6 for Telugu, and 7 for various lingos.

Stage 2: Confirm whether or not you’ve chosen for Aadhaar.

On the occasion that you’ve at this point chosen for Aadhaar, press 1. If you have not joined up, press 2. Press 3 to know what is going on with your present protest and press 4 to know the upsides of having Aadhaar. Pick 1 to continue.

Stage 3: Go to the status menu.

To know what is happening with your enrolment, press 1. Press 2 for questions related to the update of Aadhaar data. To banter with a UIDAI delegate without going through the IVR, pick 9 at this stage. Select 2 to continue.

Stage 4: Find out extra concerning Aadhaar revives.

To know how to invigorate your Aadhaar, press 1. Subsequently check your update request status, press 2.

Stage 5: Choose the strategy for truly taking a gander at the status.

Press 1 expecting you know your URN and 2 if you don’t have any colleague with it.

Step 6a: Check with URN

Enter your 14-digit Update Request Number, and you will get the notification.

Step 6b: Check without URN

You will facilitate with a UIDAI agent to continue with the call and find your update status For any further inquiries, you can chat with a UIDAI representative or write to

Check Aadhar Card

FAQs on Check Aadhar Card:

What measure of time does it need for the location to get revived in the Aadhaar database?

It may need up to 90 days from the date of sales for an update to show up in the database.

Will I get another Aadhaar card-accepting that my area revived?

Indeed. You will get one more letter if you have referenced invigorates/changes to name, address, date of birth, or sex.

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Will my area change request excuse?

It very well perhaps. Update requests are subject to affirmation and endorsement. In this way guarantee, you truly check out the online updates.

Could I have the option to visit the Enrolment/Update Center to know what is going on with my updated interest?

UIDAI doesn’t show expecting that you can truly check out any update status through Enrolment and Update Centers.

Could I have the option to download my invigorated Aadhaar card?

Indeed, you can download the invigorated UID card the referenced changes have been made.

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