How To Update Aadhar Card Mobile Number Online

How To Update Aadhar Card Mobile Number Online, How to update name, address, mobile phone, gender, date of birth?

How To Update Aadhar Card Mobile Number Online:- A person must verify that all of the information on their Aadhaar card is accurate, considering the significance of the Aadhaar system. Correcting inaccurate information should happen right away. We have provided information in this post regarding the correction of inaccurate data on an Aadhaar card.


Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI)

Our nation issues Aadhar Cards, which are one-of-a-kind documents, through UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India). The card has basic document information like name, date of birth, gender, and address together with biometric credentials like the user’s iris and fingerprints.

The government currently permits any changes to be made to the Aadhaar card’s details. Demographic factors include name, address, date of birth, gender, phone number, email address, and other details. The UIDAI website states that biometric information also includes the ability to modify fingerprints, iris, and face photos.

How To Update Aadhar Card Mobile Number Online

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Aadhar Card Highlights 2024

official website
Agency NameUnique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI
Portal NameUIDAI
NotificationAadhaar Card Update
Application ProcessOnline

Updating the Aadhaar Card becomes easier

Aadhaar card updates are much easier to complete than in the past, so if you also need them for any other reason—such as a transfer, address change, or other—you may get them completed quickly. vanished. Because there are now so few Aadhaar Centres, people have a difficult time getting any errors fixed. Things have changed to the point where people no longer need to make multiple trips to government offices for this. These days, the government has created a system that allows you to effortlessly update your Aadhaar Card with just a few simple steps, all while sitting at your home.

We have provided you with all the information on the Aadhaar update that is required for this in this article. We have discussed the following issues in this article:

  • How to amend your Aadhar card’s address and birthday
  • The Aadhar card can only have its name, gender, and date of birth modified twice apiece.
  • If you don’t have address evidence, how can you amend the address on your Aadhar card?
  • Documents needed to update the data on an Aadhar card
  • Key points to keep in mind when upgrading Aadhaar
  • Reason for rejecting an update request
  • FAQs for Updating Information on Aadhaar Cards

Update the Date of Birth and Mobile Number on the Aadhaar Card

  • You must first link your phone number to the website to change the information on your Aadhar card online.
  • You can begin this process by going to the UIDAI website at, provided that your phone number is correct.
  • As per the UIDAI website, people can alter their addresses through the self-service online approach, which enables them to submit the change request on the portal instantaneously.
  • The user must first select the “Continue to update Aadhaar” option from the portal. The user will then need to input their Aadhaar number.
  • The user will then need to choose the option to send an OTP. The user’s registered mobile number will receive a six-digit OTP.
  • The user must enter this OTP in the field requested for an OTP. After that, complete the captcha in the designated field.
  • Remember that you might have to start the captcha process over if you make any mistakes when filling it out.
The user will then need to choose the option to update their demographic information. The user can select whatever Aadhar card details he wishes to modify in this phase. Choose the option to continue after finishing this.
  • You can edit your name, email address, address, gender, and other information on the new page that appears.
  • Once you have entered all the necessary data, click the “Continue” option. Following that, you’ll have the option to provide address verification, for which you’ll need to upload a soft copy.
  • The UIDAI website has a list of acceptable forms of address evidence, from which you can select any option that best suits your needs, including voter identification, PAN numbers, birth certificates, power and water bills, and more. The option is yours to select.
  • The user must press the submit button after finishing the full process. By selecting the preview button, you can view a preview of your form.
  • Subsequently, the user will obtain a URN (Update Request Number) from UIDAI, enabling him to confirm the progress of the Aadhaar card modification.
  • You will obtain a URN consisting of 14 digits.
How To Update Aadhar Card Mobile Number Online

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Important things to remember while updating Aadhaar

The following are some considerations to make when upgrading your Aadhaar:

  • Verify the accuracy of the data you enter.
  • Verify that all of the spelling is accurate.
  • Documentary evidence must back up the information you submit.
  • To monitor the update status, make a note of your URN.
  • Your mother tongue or English should be the language in which you have filled out the information.
  • Get in touch with the closest enrollment centre right once if your cell phone number is not registered.
  • Every document should have a self-attested photocopy.

The reason why an update request gets rejected

Requests to update an Aadhaar card may occasionally be denied because UIDAI must verify the information before altering it, and strict guidelines must be followed. UIDAI modifies the information on its system only after meeting these requirements. Before making changes to your Aadhaar data, you must first complete the following requirements:

  • The form for verification should be sent with sufficient supporting documentation, as specified in the form. Any missing documents from the form will result in an instant rejection of the Aadhaar update request.
  • You run the risk of having your Aadhaar update denied even if you filled out the form incorrectly.
  • You will still have your form denied if you have provided false information about yourself or your family.
  • Thus, you need to remember all of these things. Should an error occur in your form and it is denied, you have the option to submit a fresh request by providing the self-attested documents once more.

Aadhaar card update methods

Through online

Residents who wish to use the online method to update their Aadhaar card must visit the official website and create an account. You must have a registered cellphone number and an Aadhaar number to use the portal. Through the use of an OTP on the registered mobile number, the resident is authenticated.

Through offline

It is okay in case you choose now not to update your aadhaar online. it’s also viable to make offline adjustments to your aadhar card. you’ll need to visit the aadhaar enrollment centre on your own for this. the aadhaar update form that you’ll receive at the aadhaar centre is equal to the one that is available online. you now need to fill out the shape with any required statistics. fill out the form along with your modern cell number. the aadhaar enrollment centre expert in attendance will log your request. following that, you may obtain a receipt with the urn replacement request wide variety on it. you would need to pay rs 25/-for this.

How To Update Aadhar Card Mobile Number Online

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Q. I wish to update the mobile number I have on file. Is it possible for me to do it online?
It is not possible to update your mobile number online. You must visit the Aadhaar Enrollment Centre for this.

Q. My Aadhaar number would change if I make any changes to my data.
No, just the data will be changed; your Aadhaar number won’t change.

Q. Is bringing original documentation required when visiting an Aadhaar Enrollment Centre?
Indeed, they will just collect the original paperwork for verification, and they will also return the originals to you at the same time.

Q. What is the duration required for Aadhaar updates?
Up to 90 days may pass throughout this process.

Q. Can I use the local language to change my address?
In addition to English, you can update your address in any of the following languages: Hindi, Kannada, Bengali, Gujarati, Urdu, Tamil, Marathi, Assamese, Oriya, Malayalam, Punjabi, Telugu. |


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