Aadhar Download By Mobile Number

Aadhar Download By Mobile Number, All Important Details

Aadhar Download By Mobile Number:- There are various alternatives available from UIDAI to download an Aadhaar card online. You can download an Aadhar card via the mAadhaar app, DigiLocker, your mobile number, your Aadhaar enrolment ID, and your Aadhaar number.

It is convenient for people to produce identifying proof when needed because you may download your 12-digit Aadhaar number online. But to download an Aadhar card, you must receive an OTP on your phone.

Let’s examine how to download an Aadhaar card online using an OTP from your mobile number and other methods in this post.

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How To Download an Aadhaar Card Online Using Your Registered Mobile Number and OTP?

Aadhar Download By Mobile Number

If you want to download the aadhaar card pdf online using your mobile quantity, you must first visit the uidai reliable portal. as soon as on the internet site, you could download an aadhaar card the use of your mobile number by using following the easy commands listed under:

  • Navigate to the “my aadhaar” tab and pick out the “download aadhaar” option that looks there.
  • Subsequently, enter your 12-digit specific aadhaar wide variety and the verification captcha code below the “aadhaar number” alternative.
  • Click the “ship otp” alternativeNow.
  • You may acquire an otp at the registered mobile range. click the “affirm and download” button after entering the otp within the special space. press it.
  • The PDF could be to your download folder.
  • password-secured Adhaar card
  • Input the necessary password to access the PDF file. Your name and birthdate combined in a certain way make up your password.

How To Download an Aadhaar Card Online Without Using Your Registered Mobile Number and OTP?

Even without using your cellular wide variety’s otp, you could download your aadhar card. the stairs to take for the manner are as follows:

  • Visit the uidai reputable internet site because of the initial step. navigate to the ‘my aadhaar’ option and pick it.
  • Next, select the “order aadhaar reprint” option by clicking on it.
  • The 12-digit aadhaar wide variety or the sixteen-digit virtual identity quantity (vid) has to be entered within the unique space together with the safety code or captcha code.
  • Choose the option that says, “My cellular quantity isn’t always registered,” and press it.
  • Now, fill in the particular space together with your trade cellphone range (unregistered), then pick “ship otp.”
  • The otp can be sent to the cellular number you entered.
  • Click on the “terms and conditions” alternative after getting into the otp.
  • After that, find and click the “submit” button.
  • A new screen will appear in which you can reprint your “preview aadhaar letter.”
  • Proceed to pay by choosing the ‘make price’ option.
  • After finishing every step, the PDF receipt has to have your digital signature brought.
  • Download the receipt final. your change wide variety will offer you a 28-digit provider request variety.
  • To find out how your application is progressing, use this provider request variety.
  • Further to the use of your smartphone, the following methods can also be used to download an aadhar card:

How to Use an Aadhaar Number to Download an Aadhaar Card?

Together with your aadhaar number, you can download your aadhaar card. all you have to do is take the moves listed under:

  • Visit https://myaadhaar.uidai.gov.in/genricdownloadaadhaar to get the right of entry to the respectable aadhaar or uidai portal.
  • Pick out the “download aadhaar” option located underneath the “my aadhaar” tab.
  • Now input the captcha code and your 12-digit aadhaar variety under the wanted choice. Subsequently, choose the “send otp” option.
  • On your registered cell variety, you’ll get hold of an otp.
  • Select the maskedAadhaar choice if you wish to download the masked aadhaar card; if not, choose the normal aadhaar card alternative.
  • After filing the otp which you received on your registered cellphone, select “verify and download.”
  • You will receive a notification confirming the successful download of your Aadhaar card after the verification is complete.
  • In the downloads folder, you will get a password-protected PDF copy of your Aadhaar card.
Aadhar Download By Mobile Number

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How to Use Date of Birth (DOB) and Name to Download Aadhar Card?

If you lose your Aadhaar number, you can also use your name and date of birth to retrieve your Aadhaar card. The procedures to download an Aadhaar card online are as follows:

  • Proceed to https://myaadhaar.uidai.gov.in/retrieve-eid-uid, the official Aadhaar webpage.
  • Send in your full name, registered email address or registered mobile number, and the captcha code.
  • Select the “Send OTP” tab.
  • On the registered email address or mobile device, you will receive an OTP. Select the “Verify OTP” tab.
  • A notification about the Aadhaar number or enrollment ID delivered to your registered cellphone number will show up on the screen.
  • Visit the official portal’s e-Aadhaar card download section as soon as you obtain the number.
  • Enter the security code and either your 12-digit Aadhaar number or your 28-digit enrollment number here. Click the “Send OTP” button now.
  • After submitting the received OTP, select the “Verify and Download” button. You’ll download your Aadhar card online.

Use your Virtual ID to Download E-Aadhaar Card

An extra latest approach to downloading an aadhar card is through a digital ID. The steps to comply with are as follows:

  • Go to the aadhaar official portal and pick out the “download aadhaar” alternative located beneath “my aadhaar.”
  • Choose digital ID (vid) from the menu now.
  • Ship inside the security code alongside the ID. choose “ship otp” to begin the otp technology process.
  • Ship the otp that you obtained. to confirm and download, pick out this option. after downloading, you can access your e-aadhaar card by getting your aadhaar card password. your name’s initials and date of beginning are blanketed on this 8-digit password.

Use your Enrolment Number (EID) to Download your Aadhaar Card 

The subsequent steps may be observed to download an e-aadhaar card the use the enrollment number:

  • On www.uidai.gov.in, navigate. click on the “download aadhaar” option discovered under the “my aadhaar” tab. once there, you’ll see the URL https://myaadhaar.uidai.gov.in/genricdownloadaadhaar.
  • Input the captcha code here and input your 28-digit enrollment identification. in reality, pick out the “send otp” choice to generate an otp.
  • After filing the otp, find and click on the “confirm and download” button. a replica of yourAadhaar card may be to be had for download.

Download E-Aadhaar Using DigiLocker

Uidai has partnered with Digilocker to facilitate the clean download of essential documents. this selection allows owners of aadhaar playing cards to sign in for a digilocker account and preserve their files, collectively with their aadhaar card. the commands to download an aadhaar from a Digi locker account are as follows:

  • Continue to the Digilocker account portal at https://digilocker.gov.in and sign up together with your credentials.
  • Choose the “take a look at in” tab, input your aadhaar extensive variety, after which click “verify” deciding on the “otp” alternative.
  • Enter your otp and choose “verify otp.”
  • The “issued file” can be at the display that suggests. get it now and “shop” it for later use.

Aadhaar Card Download using mAadhaar App

If your cell number is related to uidai, you can download an e-aadhaar at any time using the maadhaar app. These are the stairs to comply with:

  • Install the application in your cellular tool and check-in.
  • Navigate to the “download aadhaar” tab below the “get aadhaar” alternative.
  • Select between masked and normal aadhaar.
  • Pick if you need to download your aadhaar the use of a virtual ID, enrollment identity, or aadhaar quantity.
  • Offer your aadhaar, vid, or Eid quantity and the captcha. choose “request otp” by way of clicking on it.
  • Click “verify” by means of selecting the same alternative after submitting the otp.
  • Use your password, which is the first four capital letters of your call, to download the pdf model of your aadhaar e-replica by means of deciding on the “open” choice.
Aadhar Download By Mobile Number

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Procedure to Download Masked Aadhaar Card

In mild of this, what distinguishes an everyday aadhaar card from a masked one? the final 4 digits of your aadhaar wide variety are seen in a masked aadhaar range, whilst the primary 4 are masked. that is the only difference. you could acquire the disguised aadhar card in case you would love not to show your aadhaar wide variety. these are the download commands:

  • Go to the subsequent hyperlink: https://myaadhaar.uidai.gov.in/genricdownloadaadhaar
  • To continue, offer your aadhaar, enrollment, and wide variety, depending on the option you select.
  • Get the captcha code in. Pick out the “send otp” choice.
  • Subsequent, pick out “Do you need a masked aadhaar?” from the menu.
  • Deliver the otp now. get a PDF reproduction of your via choosing the “confirm and download” choice.

How to Know Aadhaar Number on a Mobile?

Please do the following moves to discover your aadhaar wide variety on your phone:

  • Please proceed to https://resident.uidai.gov.in/misplaced-uideid).
  • According to the choice you wish to retrieve, select enrollment ID/aadhaar wide variety.
  • At the side of the captcha, offer your name, e-mail deal with, and registered cellular wide variety.
  • For further movement, pick out the “send otp” choice.
  • The registered mobile quantity on the report will receive the otp.
  • Your aadhaar quantity could be despatched on your registered cellular once you put your “otp.”


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