Aadhar Card Mobile Number Check Online

Aadhar Card Mobile Number Check Online, Now find out the mobile number linked to your Aadhar card sitting at home, and know the complete process step by step.

Aadhar Card Mobile Number Check Online:- We will provide you with the Aadhar Card Check Mobile Number in this article. How to Verify the Aadhaar Number and Check the Registered Mobile Number for the Aadhar Card? How to verify the registered mobile number on an Aadhar card: Recent updates from UIDAI include the temporary removal of the “Verify an Aadhaar Number” feature, which provides information about the mobile number associated with the Aadhaar card. That being said, UIDAI has enabled this capability once more, allowing you to obtain the details of the cellphone number that is associated with your Aadhar card. We’ll explain how to check the mobile number associated with your Aadhar card here.

You must carry your Aadhar card number to obtain information about your registered cellphone number. You can quickly and simply obtain the details of the cellphone number associated with your Aadhar card by using it.

Aadhar Card Mobile Number Check Online

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Aadhaar Card:

If you’re curious about how to verify the mobile number on your Aadhar card, you may find out today’s information in this post. It is now required to have an Aadhaar to authenticate and use several services. You must register your cellphone number with UIDAI to use Aadhaar-related online services. This number will be used to transmit an OTP for authentication. You need to have your mobile number linked to Aadhaar to use the mAadhaar app. You must visit the Aadhaar Enrollment Centre if your previous mobile number that was registered with UIDAI has been deactivated or if you wish to update your mobile number on your Aadhaar card. By going to the Aadhaar Enrollment Centre, you can update your mobile number in your Aadhaar card’s database if you’ve misplaced it or if you’d like to change it.

Overview: Aadhar Card Check Mobile Number

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How To Check Aadhar Card Registered Mobile Number?

This article extends a hearty greeting to all Aadhar card holders and notifies them of a restart in the process of obtaining the mobile number data stored in their cards. You can obtain the details of the cellphone number associated with your Aadhar card by using it. As a result, we will explain “How To Check Aadhar Card Registered Mobile Number?” in this article.

Additionally, we would like to inform you that to verify the connection between your Aadhar card and cellphone number, you must complete the online procedure. To ensure that you don’t encounter any problems, this article will provide you with comprehensive instructions. It is crucial that you properly read this text to comprehend this procedure.

Aadhar Card Mobile Number Check Online

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How To Check Aadhar Card Registered Mobile Number? Step By Step

These days, it’s fairly easy to find out the mobile number encoded in your Aadhar card. The full, step-by-step procedure is as follows:

  • Go to the official website:
  • Open the official website’s home page.
  • Navigate to the “Aadhaar Services” tab.
  • Checking the Aadhar number:
  • Locate and select the “Verify an Aadhaar Number” option from the “Aadhaar Services” tab.
  • A new page will appear.
  • There will be a form on the new page that opens.
  • Give details:
  • Put the captcha code and the number from your Aadhar card.
  • display:
  • Select the “Submit” button.
  • View details:
  • Following submission, a page with the final three digits of the cellphone number that is contained in your Aadhar card will appear.
  • These instructions make it simple for owners of Aadhaar cards to find out whose mobile number is associated with their card by looking up the last three digits of the linked number.

Update mobile number in Aadhar card

You can register your Aadhar card with UIDAI and link it to your cell number. This mobile number will only receive notifications and OTP related to your Aadhaar. How to connect Aadhaar to your cellphone number:

  • First, proceed to the closest Aadhaar Enrollment Centre.
  • Step 2: Complete the enrollment form for Aadhaar.
  • Step 3: In the form, mention your mobile number.
  • Step 4: Give the officer the completed form.
  • Step 5: Use your biometrics to authenticate your information.
  • Step 6: No documentation is required from you.
  • Step 7: To use this service, pay Rs 50. Pay the Rs. charge.
  • Step 8: You don’t need to register again if you provided a mobile number while submitting your Aadhaar application.
Aadhar Card Mobile Number Check Online

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Q. How can I verify the mobile number I registered with my Aadhar card?

Ans- Step 1: Go to UIDAI’s official website. Step 2: Under the Aadhaar Services section, select the ‘Verify Aadhaar’ option. Step 3: Type the captcha code and your Aadhaar number. To confirm if your cellphone number is associated with your Aadhaar card, step 4 is to select the ‘Proceed And Verify Aadhaar’ option.

Q. How is the process of verifying the number of mobile SIMs linked to your Aadhar card?

Ans- The DoT has a webpage where you can check out how many SIM cards are used in your name. Visit tafcop.dgtelecom.gov.in (Sanchar Sathi) to see how many SIM cards have been issued in his name. You may also ban any lost or stolen mobile devices there.

Q. How can I get my Aadhar cellphone number verified?

Ans- Step 1: On your mobile device, download the mAadhaar app. Step 2: In the app’s “Services” area, select the “Verify email/mobile Number” feature. Step 3: Type the captcha code that appears on the screen together with your 12-digit Aadhaar number. 4: Depending on your selection, click either “Send OTP” or “Enter TOTP.”

Q. Is getting my phone number out of my Aadhar card without requiring an OTP feasible?

Ans- Navigate to https://uidai.gov.in/, the official UIDAI website. Go to the “My Aadhaar” section on the homepage, select “Aadhaar Services,” and then select “Verify Email/Mobile Number,” as seen below.


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