How To Update Mobile Number In Aadhar Online

How To Update Mobile Number In Aadhar Online, How to add mobile number to Aadhar card & All Details

How To Update Mobile Number In Aadhar Online:- These days, practically all jobs demand an Aadhar card. In this case, your Aadhaar-linked smartphone is utilised for verification whenever your Aadhaar card is used anyplace. However, you will no longer need to visit the Aadhaar Enrollment Centre if you wish to change your mobile number in Aadhaar and have not linked it or are not using the registered number. You may now link or update your Aadhaar mobile number while relaxing at home. In addition, email can be linked or modified in Aadhaar.


Aadhar Card Mobile Number Update

In the past, updating your Aadhaar cellphone number required visiting the UIDAI website, scheduling a time at the Aadhaar Seva Kendra, going to the Aadhaar Enrollment Centre, filling out the form, and paying Rs 50. You can now complete this task from home while working online. India Post Payments Bank has launched a home service in response to this. You won’t need to submit any paperwork when an IPPB representative arrives to change the mobile number on your Aadhar card—all you have to do is request the service. A payment of Rs 50 is required while updating or linking your mobile number and email address with Aadhaar.

How To Update Mobile Number In Aadhar Online

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How to Check Aadhar Card Mobile Number?

  • You must first go to the Aadhar Card official website to check your Aadhar Card Mobile Number.
  • You will notice several options under My Aadhar once you go to the website’s home page.
  • You must select the Verify an Aadhar Number option under the Aadhar Services option from among these selections.
  • The following page will then load on your screen. You must enter your Aadhaar number and the captcha code on this page before clicking the Proceed and Verify Aadhaar link.
  • After that, your screen will show all of the Aadhar card’s details.
  • You may find out which number is associated with your Aadhar card on this page.
  • You may check someone’s Aadhar Card Mobile Number in this way.

How to change my mobile number on my Aadhar card?

  • You ought to first visit Aadhar’s professional internet site so you can adjust the cell variety associated with your aadhar card range.
How To Update Mobile Number In Aadhar Online
  • To get entry to this, visit the homepage and pick out a timetable for an appointment.
  • A plethora of possibilities will then be proven to you. you ought to enter your mobile range to replace it. I have to pick replace.
  • Subsequent, below the “pick out metropolis/location” alternative, you should choose the Aadhar Seva Kendra which is near you.
  • Following that, you need to pick out “continue to schedule an appointment.”
  • Click on generate otp after inputting the captcha code and including the desired mobile variety.
  • An otp will then appear in your cell number. click verify after entering it.
How To Update Mobile Number In Aadhar Online
  • Then you see a little form in front of you. you have to cautiously enter all of the required facts there, inclusive of the name on your aadhaar card, domestic kind, and aadhaar range.
Once this form is crammed out, you have to click on the following button.
  • A brand new page will then open in front of you. you should pick every parameter you desire to modify right here. right here, we’ll pick out the “new cellular quantity” choice and press the “subsequent” button.
  • In addition, there’s a ₹ 50 applicable price to feature a brand new mobile quantity.
  • You will now see a calendar display. that is where you pick the day on which you would like to go to the Aadhar Seva centre.
  • You then need to select the Next button.
  • Following that, you will be able to see all of the information you previously filled out. To find out if there have been any mistakes, you must thoroughly review it. You must click OK and Submit if everything is determined to be correct.
  • Following that, you must use the designated payment option to pay the ₹50 application cost. This application fee is payable via net banking, credit card, debit card, or UPI. Following payment, the Aadhaar centre schedules an appointment in your name and downloads a PDF file. At the designated time, you can get your mobile number changed.
  • It’s crucial to complete your biometric verification after making an online cellphone number change. You must visit the Aadhaar centre for this.

Ways to verify whether a mobile number is registered

  • It is necessary for you to first go to the Aadhaar official website.
How To Update Mobile Number In Aadhar Online
  • Following that, you must click on Verify an Aadhar Number here under the Aadhar Services part of the homepage.
  • Next, you must input the 12-digit number from your Aadhar card. Once you have entered the captcha code, click Proceed and Verify Aadhar.
  • Following that, a new page will appear on your screen with all the details about this Aadhar card, including the last three digits of your registered cellphone number.
  • You may determine which mobile number is linked to your Aadhar card by looking at the final three digits displayed above.
  • It indicates that no number is associated with your Aadhar card if there is none displayed here. In this scenario, you will need to link a new number to your card.

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How to update mobile number in Aadhar Card in Post Office

  • Initially, you need to visit the post office’s Aadhaar service page.
  • This is a request form that you will encounter. It asks for a variety of information, which you must carefully fill out.
  • IPPB – Aadhar Services is the option you must choose under Select Service.
  • You will then receive an OTP on your mobile device; please confirm it.
  • Following that, you can schedule an appointment for the postman to visit your home or update your Aadhar card in person at the post office.
  • You must also pay ₹ 50 for each update to access this service.

How to update my mobile number on my Aadhar card?

Without leaving your home to visit the Aadhar centre, you can link or update your Aadhar card mobile number by following the instructions provided below.

  • You must first click on the Add Aadhar Mobile Number & Email ID link that is located in the Important Link section.
  • You will then need to fill out the form on that page to link or update the email address and mobile number.
  • Fill in the name, address, PIN code, email address, and updated mobile number first.
  • Next, choose IPPB-Aadhar Services from the Select Service menu.
  • Next, choose UIDAI – Mobile/E-Mail to Aadhar linking/update from the list of options below.
  • Next, click on Request OTP once more.
  • After completing the OTP you will receive on your phone, click Confirm Service Request.
  • You will then receive the requested reference number, which you must write down and retain.

How to Track Aadhar Card Mobile Number Update and Link Service Request

You receive a reference number that allows you to follow the status of your Aadhaar card service request after updating your email address and cellphone number or linking the request. To learn more, take the actions listed below:

  • Click on the same link to visit the official website first.
  • Next, select the Click To Track Your Request option from above.
  • Next, click the fetch button after entering your mobile number or request reference number.
  • The status of your service request to update your Aadhar card mobile number will then appear in front of you.

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How to update mobile number in Aadhar card yourself

How To Update Mobile Number In Aadhar Online

To provide you with information, we would like to advise you that the option to link a mobile number with an Aadhaar number online was once available but has since closed. In this case, visiting the Aadhaar centre is required if you need to register or modify your mobile number in Aadhaar. The complete procedure takes roughly ninety days. You must carefully follow the steps listed below to accomplish this.

  • You must first visit the closest Aadhaar Enrollment Centre.
  • The Aadhar Card Correction Form must be filled out here, along with the mobile number you wish to change on the application.
  • After submitting this form at the Aadhar Card Centre, you must proceed with the biometric verification procedure.
  • The URN number is on an enrollment sheet that you receive here.
  • You can check the status of your Aadhaar update online later by using this number.
  • Upon registering your cellphone number with Aadhaar, you will need to confirm it with an OTP.
  • You can link your Aadhar card and cellphone number in around ninety days.


Q. How can I get my Aadhar card?
Aadhar card download instructions: Go to the end of this article to download your Aadhar card. This article explains the entire, step-by-step procedure for downloading an Aadhar card.

Q. How can I verify my Aadhar card number?
You can visit the UIDAI website and confirm the number that is associated with your Aadhaar by choosing the “Verify email/mobile number” option under the Aadhaar Service section.

Q. What is the Aadhar Card’s official website?
Ans- is the official Aadhar card website.


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