Aadhar Card Me Mobile Number Kaise Jode

Aadhar Card Me Mobile Number Kaise Jode, Update your Aadhaar card, and mobile number at home, activate the link, know the complete process

Aadhar Card Me Mobile Number Kaise Jode:- Greetings, friends. Today, we would like to inform you all through this article that this article is crucial if you wish to link your cell number to your Aadhar card while you are at home. To ensure that everyone may benefit from this rule, you all need to read this article from start to finish. All of the nation’s citizens have an Aadhar card, which is a vital document that verifies their identification while they are at home. In many government and private sectors of work these days, an Aadhar card is required. For this reason, it is crucial that the Aadhaar card be fully functional. It is specifically under this that linking the Aadhar is required.

Therefore, you should link your Aadhar card to your mobile number right once if it isn’t already. If not, you won’t be able to do any significant tasks and will then have to deal with issues. For this reason, we have included the entire procedure for integrating a cellphone number with Aadhaar below. You have to read the article through to the end in such a case.

Aadhar Card Me Mobile Number Kaise Jode

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Aadhar Card Mobile Number Link

The citizen must authenticate himself by DigiLocker or Aadhaar OTP before completing any personal work. Therefore, it is necessary to link the individual’s Aadhar card and mobile number for this. An applicant must link their Aadhar card number in order to apply for any government program. It is crucial that citizens link their Aadhaar number to their cellphone number in this kind of circumstance.

We will now walk you through the process of tying your cellphone number to your Aadhaar account. You will be able to quickly integrate your other papers with Aadhaar after connecting your Aadhaar card to your smartphone. In addition, you can obtain your Aadhar card in PDF format on your mobile device by following a few simple procedures if your Aadhar card is lost.

How to link my Aadhar card and mobile number?

If you’re not sure if you can connect your home mobile number to your Aadhaar account. Alternatively, you are unsure about how to connect your mobile number to your Aadhaar. As a result, you must have learned from various sources or social media sites that you can link your Aadhaar card and mobile number at home via an online method.

We would like to inform you that this information is untrue and a rumour. In light of the fraud incidents, the government has implemented a measure to modify Aadhaar data and associate it with a cellphone number obtained directly from the Aadhaar Seva Kendra. In other words, the government has not made it possible to connect an Aadhar card to a mobile device from home.

Link mobile to Aadhar card online

On the other hand, you can schedule an online appointment at the Aadhaar Seva Centre using your mobile device to link it to Aadhaar. By using this, you can save time by having Aadhaar-related updates completed at a set time. Because of the large number of individuals occupying Aadhaar Seva Kendras, citizens’ time is frequently squandered.

We’ll tell you this: a lot of people are unaware that you can make an appointment online. This explains why Aadhaar Seva Centres are always packed with people. We have thus included advice regarding making an appointment in light of this issue that many are facing. In addition, you will become familiar with the procedure.

Aadhar Card Me Mobile Number Kaise Jode

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How To Book an Aadhar Card Appointment

To save time, schedule an appointment to link your Aadhar card and cell number by following the instructions provided below.

  • You must first visit the official Aadhaar card website in order to schedule a time to link your card to your mobile device.
  • On its home screen, you will now find the MY Aadhar option among many others. Click on it.
  • Once you’ve selected the MY Aadhaar option, click the visible Book An Appointment option, and on the resulting screen, choose your city.
  • You must now select the Proceed option and proceed with the following step by entering the mobile number and captcha code.
  • Following this, a new page will load and you will need to select the visible Update Aadhaar option.
  • Clicking will cause the appointment application form to open in front of you, requiring you to fill it out completely. Next, select the “Submit” option.
  • Following this, you will receive an SMS or, if you apply first, a notification stating the day and hour of your appointment.
  • Given how helpful the Aadhaar card is to us right now, let us also mention how helpful it is to link the card to a mobile device. Thus, we learned about the complete procedure for connecting Aadhaar to a mobile device in today’s article.

How can I update my Aadhar card with a mobile number?
There is now only one location—the Aadhar Center—where one can register or add a cellphone number to an Aadhar card. This implies that the only option available to you if you wish to add a cellphone number to your Aadhaar card, is to visit an Aadhaar center.

Where is the Aadhaar center closest to me located?
The Aadhaar app or the UIDAI website may both tell you the location of the Aadhaar center closest to you. Please visit the link below to find out how to locate the closest Aadhaar center.

Aadhar Card Me Mobile Number Kaise Jode

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You may quickly link your cellphone number to your Aadhaar by reading this article, which has all of the necessary information. This allows you to access any Aadhaar’s web services and receive its information on your mobile device.

We hope you have a clear understanding of all the information we have provided you with regarding linking a mobile number to Aadhaar through this article. This website has more of these kinds of details. Thank you for sharing this article.


Q. How can I use Aadhaar to update my mobile number offline?

Ans- You must visit the Aadhaar Seva Centre that is closest to you. There, you must deposit the required amount and complete the form to add a mobile number. You can add your cellphone number offline in this manner.

Q. How can you update your bank’s mobile number?

Ans-You will need to use Internet banking if you wish to modify the bank’s mobile number. In addition, you can use an ATM to modify your mobile number.

Q. What is the duration of the cellphone number’s update?

Ans-It takes one to two days to link a cellphone number with Aadhaar, but if the update request is done right away, it can be finished in a day.


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